01 December 2015

Are You Who You Want to be During the Holidays?

We do have the power to change how we allow the holidays to influence us from the Ho Ho Ho to Bah Humbug. Shall we skip over the holidays and get right into January or become the participant we choose to be?

  1. Participant to celebrate the birth of Christ
  2. Participant on an emotional budget 
  3. Participant with a money budget
  4. Participant by proximity 
  5. Participant via Scotch whiskey does taste good in egg nog 
  6. Participant at the company party
  7. Participant for yearly holy moment attending church service
  8. Participant for the Secret Santa fun
  9. Participant for the candy cane ice cream 
  10. Participant loves "Jingle Bell Rock" 24/7 
  11. Participant with dog that loves antlers 
  12. Participant by knowing the best source of rum raisin fudge 
  13. Participant for the homemade food at Gram's or any house 
  14. Participant to play "A Christmas Carol" version in laws hate 
  15. Participant revels in wearing ugly Christmas sweater
  16. Participant designated driver 
  17. Participant for the shopping 
  18. Participant for the giving of gifts 
  19. Participant for the receiving gifts 
  20. Participant with Santa Claus on Contact list 


  1. Oh yes! There have been Christmases that I was not much of a participant, and I look back on those and it makes me sad.

    1. Hi Debra,
      Sorry looking back makes you sad.
      Years ago during a horrific period in my life, I didn't celebrate the holidays. It was an uplifting experience, freeing even.

  2. Dear Maywyn I choose to participate. It just depends on what some consider participating means. Yes I love and celebrate the birth of my savior- being in the moment with those I love and giving them a gift. No I am not a black Friday shopper or even a cyber Monday one. I have hopefully gotten wiser and realize the true gift we have to give is ourselves and that in turn mirrors God's gift to the world - love. So I choose to participate not necessarily in what culture dictates but in the true meaning of Christmas. Me thinks Maywyn you participate in that way too. Hugs sweet friend.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Beautiful words. Yes, I participate for the true meaning of Christmas.
      I also like the fudge, ice cream, and a drop of Scotch in the ol' egg nog. :)

  3. LOVE this! I SO look forward to Christmas, every year...this year, I'm just behind. XOXO

    1. Hi Tanya,
      Have a great third week until Christmas!


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