19 December 2015

A Weirdness Joy

At the grocery store with under ten items, I enter the check out area to look for the express register. I see people cart to cart, barely room to move.  Crowd. For a second I thought turn around and go back into the aisles for more shopping. Then, for a fleeting second I hear my brain tell me...You can always leave, go out the door if you start to feel bad, get that acute anxiety buzzing burn brain. I look towards the door. Aloud, I say, "I'm staying right here." I search for the end of a line nearest me, remain there, check out, and leave without panic, cramps, dizziness, burning ears and face, dreads, nary one pain of anxiety. 

I didn't realize what didn't happen until I was home.
I only thought about being happy to finish the small shopping I had to do, and that was it. And...Cannolis! The two cannolis in my cart sent me stay calm vibes? That experience is a weirdness joy (on the wings of my name change happiness)

Will buying cannolis cure acute anxiety? Panic attacks? One can hope. 

I be smiling large.


  1. Yay for Cannolis - I think they can cure anything!

    1. Hi Tanya,
      Love your Vegas Christmas post! Those decorations don't need snow.


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