28 December 2015

A Moment Of Discovery

Yay! I just discovered when my wrist hits the laptop touch pad, what I'm typing disappears! Maybe that missing post fell into the touch pad abyss.

If you notice blogs not posting much lately, then don't despair as its just a holiday season slow down that will pick up in January 2016.

There's a snow storm forecast on the way that's appears to be centered over Michigan, and moving toward the Mid Atlantic  and Northeast United States.
Drive Safe. Have batteries, water and cold food and such on hand.
Check out Ready.gov for tips on winter weather

I've been dreaming/brain storming old projects into new clothes this week. If you've ever had a desire to create holiday crafts, then this is a good time of year while the aura of the holidays are so fresh, to capture you thoughts on paper. I believe writing it all down to edit and edit some more, can save time and money. Dream Big. Start Small.


  1. No snow here all misty weather. But I know we will get some snow, you take care too, love to you, Diana

    1. Hello Diana,
      Glad your holiday trip went well. our photos of the Christmas lights, those houses are gorgeous.

      There is a light snow at the moment. It looks to me like maybe four inches so far of powder. I'm not going out to check though. lol

    2. Sorry...that should be Your photos of...


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