04 November 2015

Winter Weather Preparation: Waterproof versus Water Resistant & Ice Cleats

Checking on the forecast, after last year's record snowfalls, feels more urgent this year. The NOAA News Headlines page is my go to weather place. I check the local weather page radar daily for a better sense of how the atmosphere is feeling. 
The NOAA 15 October 2015 article, El NiƱo sets the state for 2015-2016 winter weather, shows here in the northeast temperatures will be 40% above average. In my mind, that means ice, the winter horror of all horrors. I've had no nightmares about winter as yet. Therefore, I'm hoping for a winter of no extremes.

Winter preparation, just in case. This may be the year of my first adult pair of rubber boots like the kind worn over shoes when I was a kid. Number one to remember when shopping for winter boots...Waterproof means no water gets through, and, water resistant means rain might bead off at first, but most likely water will soak through. I learned this after getting soaked wearing a new rain coat, described as a rain coat. I read over the details, and discover the description states water resistant. I have two such rain coats like that and both don't repel rain water.
More about boots...Unless there's a barrier behind the laces and zippers that act as a dam against water, then water has a route to your feet.
Ice cleats that fit onto the bottom of boots, think spiked cleats for ice because the ones that are curled wire might help traction in snow depending on the type of snow, but they can be very slippery on floors as well as ice from my experience wearing a pair. What ice climbers wear, metal spiked cleats, are the type good for me to increase my stability walking on icy sidewalks. I need to find a pair that can be easily put on, and then removed before I walk indoors.

Do you have any tips for winter preparation?


  1. I generally put cleats on one pair of boots and keep them there. Makes less strain for my hands, stretching the rubber tab to get them on and off. Works best on a pair of boots I can slip on and off easily at the back door, because cleats in the house is a terrible (proven) idea.
    Waterproof isn't very helpful to me, because it just means more sweat - so I'm soaked, either way!

    1. Hi Quinn,
      I thought of you when I was typing about waterproof. lol I like that idea, leaving cleats on a pair of boots. It will be a lot easier changing them than putting cleats on and off. Thank you.
      Have a good Wednesday!

  2. Dear Maywyn- great tip on water resistant versus water repellent. Think I have had both but I need not only the waterproof but the heavy insulation too. Hope the ice stays away. We were terribly cold here and we still had ice. I agree that is a horror of winter. Let's hope it will stay too warm for even ice.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      I'm with you, Debbie, too warm for ice. Adding, cold enough for only snow, and not too much.

  3. The only ice cleats I tried actually made me slip on the ice. So good tip about how to choose them. hope you have a good blog break....

    1. Thank you Debra
      So far blog break is at puttering speed taking care of little things.
      I have a pair circular wire ice traction that are very slippery on ice and floors.
      Have a wonderful week-end!


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