18 November 2015


Painting so much from the feeling process of sieving real images through the brain is different for everyone by virtue of the personal experiences the mesh their sieve is made of.

One of the elements of composition I pay the least attention to are the values, light and dark. My art suffers from that bent space in my sieve.
I look on the phobia list dot com to see if there's a fear of values. There's a phobia for peanut butter getting stuck to the roof of your mouth, Arachibutyrophobia.  Better to focus on the solution, not worry about any fears. Clouds are perfect examples to build the skill of understanding the great importance of values.

The painting I'm presently working on has a problem with color for the oak leaves. There's a time when the sun shines on leaves making them appear golden. Sitting in the car the other day, I stare at nearby tree with rusty leaves thinking...What color are they? OMG, Terra cotta! The actual color is the same as a red clay pot. How is that? Values. There are shades of  terra cotta creating the golden hue effect. I'll experiment with red oxide and Mars yellow adding other colors to achieve the correct combination.
Progress...sky color adjustments

I adjust the sky to focus on the relationship of trees and wind. In another painting, the busier dark sky will work better on a larger canvas than the 12 inch by 14 inch hardboard of "The Leaning Trees."
First draft of sorts with busy dark sky

The white line of clouds has been removed. That ceiling element falls much closer to the distant horizon.


  1. Maywyn-I do love what you call your first draft. You are very talented. Keep the work going!!!! (And keep showing it!)

    1. Hi Debra,
      Thank you. I also like the first draft, and will paint a similar one on a big canvas.


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