19 November 2015

Things to Do On a Windy November Day

  • What better time than to look into neglected stuff on the computer? Good luck. I try to open two programs. Neither opens. Troubleshoot. Windows 8 they worked. Windows 10, then don't. Its all about Compatibility. 
  • Hang out tea towels to watch and photograph in the wind
  • Type with one hand and a spoon of frosting in the other
  • Research how many twigs are in a square yard of maple tree tops. If you can't find the information then perform your own experiment by photographing a section and counting the old fashion way. I bet you won't find the question on Yahoo Answers (because I didn't).
  • Dice walnuts, pecans and celery to add to a salad or just as a snack
  • Plan dinner without a dessert because the food is that good
  • Have cake for dinner
  • How many American shoemakers can you name? Take a look at the website usalovelist.com
  • Learn to make a repeat pattern from Design Sponge tutorial  by Julia Rothman. I've read other instructions, and this is the easiest to understand. 
  • Pray for Peace


  1. The last one resonated with me the most, in the light of recent events, but some of the others sounded good too. Cake for lunch!

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Recent events make it difficult to keep the chin up. My prayers to England and all of Europe

      Cake for later because I put the salad mix in brown rice for lunch just as the rain began. I had to dash out to get the tea towels off the clothesline. lol


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