13 November 2015

"The Leaning Trees"

On pressed board primed with gesso its nice to add in textured brush strokes during that phase of a painting. The first few layers of gesso are with the larger rougher brush. I keep that one in a plastic bag for blending later on. The softer brush is used to smooth out the rough, and add brush  strokes to the surface. I apply several layers of gesso.

Adding background color helps me set the perspective. I gesso over the paint to leave ghost positions. I have a difficult time with perspective because of the way my mind processes shapes, even when I know what the perspective is.

The Leaning Trees, in progress 12" x 14" acrylic

I'm using a photograph I took at the Dead Creek Wildlife visitor's viewing area as reference. The wind there is fierce with little but open fields to move along near Lake Champlain. The painting is in progress. Detail and shadows need to be added. It can take me a long time to do that. And, I'm not quite settled with the sky, where the white clouds form a line at the top of the first tree. I'm feeling its too much sky action for the size painting


  1. Beautiful and atmospheric painting. Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen xox

    1. Thank you Helen
      A Happy Weekend to you as well.

  2. Very interesting to see progress shots of artwork. And of course, I am always interested in looking at trees :)

    1. Hi Quinn,
      Speaking of trees...Since I began watching "Treehouse Masters" on the Animal channel, its difficult not to look at a tree without wondering if its good for a treehouse.
      Have a great weekend!


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