10 November 2015

The Beauty of Somber and Light

There are two hang outs for your style…the Closet and the Room.
How many fashion eras are represented in your closet that are originals, you bought in those years?
The older we become, it appears to me, the closer we’re expected to resemble the dirt over our graves, the light less ocean bottom or the nothingness of air. Life doesn’t have to be a battle between young-bright versus somber-old. We talk about freedom. Yet, we stifle our own with our expectations of what age uniforms should be. How does that happen? Methinks, attitude evolution via the course of social expectations. Society validates the ticket to look like an old lady or man when you are old (and vice versa for the young). 
Room. Now there’s a place where style can be freer. After all, we aren’t birds building a nest to attract a mate. We decorate to comfort ourselves, and in some cases show off to friends and relatives. Does that mean your interiors represent You? Not always, not every room, and not every season.
Light summer, dark winter. Light in a room is the key atmosphere element akin to what age is to fashion.

Appreciate the beauty of your somber and light.


  1. Yes, I hate it when old people dress so 'old'. I think everyone should wear what they like best and feel most comfortable wearing.

    1. Hi Loree,
      Yes, comfort rules the wardrobe!
      Have a great week

  2. Oh such a well written post! I refuse to wear polyester clothing or cut my hair! That's my own stand on becoming OLD. I'm 61 and lovin' it.

    1. Hi Debra,
      Thank you! Happy 61 years to You!

      There are certain polyester garments I won't wear only because of the style. I'm sure when I can't get around, the convenience of some clothes will win over.


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