07 November 2015

Poetry and the Slump

Hasopen Road Poetry, my blog on Wordpress.com, has two new poems posted. A few years have gone by since a huge slump slow down impacted on posting the poems I write as well as the frequency I wrote them. In 2010 (+/-), that feeling of staleness hung over me like a dark cloud. I kept writing poems, but didn't feel the substance I was searching for. Questions. Is that outdoor forest flora and fauna with picnics all I have as a poet? Is that me? Of course, it is me. However, its not the entire me I see.

Which way to turn, and more important, how? Poetry isn't a car with a map and voice to give directions. My muse, Cyrl, rarely does anything but cheer me along with whatever I chose unless it interferes with a Muse's entertainment. Clearly, he like the forest and picnics.

The solution to a slump is to keep on going if you want to get anywhere.

I began the day getting out winter clothes and ended up writing and posting poems. I think Cyrl's sense of humour is improving.


  1. I will check out your poetry, I wish I had a muse.love to u, Diana

    1. Hello Diana,
      Your chickadee painting is beautiful. Reminds me the holidays aren't too far away.
      You can have a Muse, just pick a name and Whala! Muse ____________!
      Have a wonderful week-end!

  2. Dear Maywyn - I have enjoyed your poetry and as for your muse a sense of humor is definitely a help. Have a blessed day. Hugs!

    1. Hello Debbie,
      Thank you. A blessed day to you as well.

  3. Going now to read your poetry. I am in a terrible art making slump. How I hate them!!!

  4. Thank you Debra for you kind words on my poetry blog. They mean a lot to me.
    I slumped after the foliage photography outings. I'm back painting again, and hope to post a photo tomorrow.


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