02 November 2015

November: Internet Around & Abouts

In November the searching will be for blogs about watercolor, and any other interesting blogs found along the way, here on Blogspot or elsewhere. Using the top banner "Next Blog" can be fun when you happen into a subject series. I don't know how brewing beer and such began, but its been interesting. I like the Ireland and the UK family friendly style pub. If and ever I find myself being a tourist, then those are the places I'd want to stop in for a sip and bit of food. So when I found the Campaign for Real Pubs on Blogspot, I joined.
Snake Mountain Ridge, Addison, Vermont*

Building a blog reading list can get out of hand looking on your own without guidelines. Here are a few of my what to look for in building a blog reading list:
  • Subject - Mainly spot on, except for example, artists that also create crafts, paint with acrylics, and such.
  • Active - Blogger should be updating on a regular basis at least every 6 months
  • Variety - Aim for a balance of style and gender. There appear to be more women blogging than men. Balance is better.
  • Negativity - Ranting/angry posts about people or excessive trashing products and/or services is a no.
  • Advertising - Ad heavy blogs that slow page loading must be highly well put together or else they aren't worth the wait.
  • Music - Its nice with the off button at the very top of the blog
  • Photographs - Must be visually pleasing
  • Tutorials - Big plus when an artists does video tutorials
*Brother edited photo...fantastic! Thank you


  1. Hi there! Thanks for visiting me,it's always with pleasure that I read your comments.Autumn in Vermont must be striking!
    Happy new week,

    1. Hi Olympia,
      Reading you blog is like going on vacation.
      Happy November!

  2. Dear Maywyn great tips on what one should do when blogging or not. Going to check out the next blog button. Sounds like fun. Have a great start to November. Hugs

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Hugs to you. Have a fun blog browsing.

  3. thank you for the wonderful tips.. they help me so much. love,Diana

    1. Your welcome Diana.
      Love you pet painting class photos. Good luck naming your new kitten.


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