23 November 2015

How About Some Chit Chat

Read travel blogs to enhance your day dreaming skills? Are you into the quaint New England flannel shirt, pine trees, Atlantic Ocean, Vermont woods, Old Boston, and sailing ship vibe? If so, then check out New England travel writer Kim Knox Beckius, and gonewengland.com on About Travel.com. I found her article on Yankee Magazine, "5 Best Holiday Light Displays in New England." Do you have a special  holiday display in your area?

The above all happened after I signed into Twitter. The Share thing isn't my thing. However, once and a while, there is something worthy of sharing. At that moment, because at this moment, I don't remember what I shared/tweeted.
A Pill

While that was going on I learned more about hashtags (#). First type the hashtag (pound) sign and then words and/or numbers. Once you do that, you enter a tweet after the hashtag. If you want to see who else is hashtagging that hashtag, you click on the blue hashtag. For example, I did #stillinpajamas hashtag. There's a nice group of people there.

Oh, I almost forgot...about the photo. I was  exhausted by the educational hashtag experience. I stop for a breather. I look around to notice my shawl sweater has so much pilling and fuzzy yard, it needs to be trimmed. My Get what you pay for sweater is a beautiful design and fit, but made with the shabbiest yarn I've ever worn. Inside and out it is covered with pilling and loose yarn threads that multiple with each wash. Thus, its an only wear indoors garment.

That's how my day has been going.
How's your day?

PS I removed the part about not being able to log in on Intagram. I uninstalled it from my phone and sent in a report three times. I then found a website with a link to a real support form. I hope soon the problem will be fixed so I can delete my account. A website as big as Instagram isn't one I feel comfortable with when there are similar issues reported by more than one person as evident for what I read on the Internet.  I don't like the option of signing in with Facebook.
> Update 28 November 2015
Finally a reply from Instagram Support. I sent back the requested information.
I receive reply email from Instagram Support thanking me for verifying my account, and a link to reset password. I follow the instructions. Results: Still can't login to Instagram.
I read the email again, and notice part of the instructions are to log out of any Instagram account I have before resetting the password. Huh? The problem is I can't login. How can I log out of an account I can't access?

> Update 29 November 2015
Reply to 28th is same email to reset password that didn't work
My Solution: Re-install Instagram App from Google Play Store on phone. On the phone your user name appears with only one box for a password (mistakes can happen).  Reset via text code, there is a verification box (type in new password twice). I chose a word I know is the word I type in. Whala! I can now login on Instagram. Set up account. Log out. Log back in. Take 1st photo. Log out is not easy to find. You have to find you profile and scroll down to the log out.


  1. My day has been lovely, really. A little work in my studio, some outdoor work till my hands froze, a little visit with my cat, a little time with my geese....and it's been sunny too. this morning there was a dusting of snow, and it looked so pretty with the sun coming up. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    1. Hi Debra,
      Your day sounds perfectly magnificent! A Wonderful Thanksgiving to You & Yours!

  2. Hi, May - will spend more time here later, but wanted to drop in for some chit-chat, and to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. Life has gotten in the way of my own blogging, and reading, but hopefully I am back at it next week! Love to you, my friend - hope your Thanksgiving is safe and wonderful! XOXO

    1. Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours Tanya!


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