26 November 2015

Holiday Crafts: Metal Picture Frame

You may have seen them at yard and rummage sales, the gold metal picture frame. They remind me of framed mirror on the dresser for body powder and make up.

Spray paint the frame with the backing removed in a coordinating color for the image you plan to frame.
  • Prime the cardboard backing with gesso
  • Cut a piece of canvas with allowance for the backing to slide back into the frame.
  • Soak and wring out excess water from the canvas before applying to glued backing surface
  • Smooth out air bubbles and dry for 24 hours

Position the image with any hanging features on the backing.

Before adding found objects, put the backing into the frame.

In the photo on the left a diorama background on canvas board won't slide back into a  frame like the metal one above.

- Diorama using twigs, and other materials
- Collage of the year's events
- Photo and 12 month calendar under it
- Mount light weight paper mache faux antlers. Tie the armature through the backing.

Be creative!


  1. Dear Maywyn - what a creative idea friend. Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving. I am so thankful for your friendship. Hugs!

    1. A Blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours, Debbie
      I am thankful for your friendship as well. Your blog is always inspirational.


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