20 November 2015

Developing a Look Using a Pattern

Selecting a blog style of your own and/or customizing a template can be brutal on decision brain because it goes beyond a mere matter of what you Like. The depth of the results you chose represent You. Starting with a list of the elements you want to include can be a relaxing way to allow your creativity to flow easier, and sometimes faster. A shape, an image or a color can trigger a whole new horizon you hadn't thought of before. It can be that moment of...That's Me!
However, I realize by this learning experience that I've stifled my own expectations. I need to allow myself to create something I don't expect, that doesn't look like a Me moment. I'm not sure if that will be a waste of time. I know this journey indicates go there. The process has been as interesting as it is frustrating. I have to save each version before making changes in case of mistakes I can't correct as in when I click on Undo for things I thought I had saved.
I like to fiddle with color when I'm stuck. The Design Sponge tutorial for making a repeat pattern in the post for Things to Do On a Windy November Day is a great place to play with ideas. I made a rough drawing of simple branches, and set about making a pattern to edit. Here are the results edited using Irfanview.

The base image from the scanned pattern created on a piece of copier paper. I had to edit the scan image to fix lines that didn't transfer well, like the line where the paper is taped. Saving versions of edited images is a very good idea.
I recommend using a paper cutter when making a pattern because straight cut paper is easier to tape.

The image on the left is the tiled image of the one above. From here  I cropped a section to edit color and effects.

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