26 November 2015

Deer Beds!

A few years ago on the blog, Cup of Jo I saw deer beds for the first time in the photographs by Katherine Wolkoff. The charm of deer beds filters into the heart like a new pillow in the most luxurious pillowcase. Charm abundant.

Today while trying to capture the sun shinning on a group of reeds and cattails, I look down at two depressions in the tall weeds and grasses thinking... Are those deer beds? Thrilled on a brain giggle, I took a  few pictures just in case. Later l learn deer have been seen there!
Deer Bed at the Edge, Digital Photo, Maywyn Studio
What is my life like now after such a stunning moment on a perfect day with the perfect meal and the perfect people? I am very thankful such simple things in life are magnified by the heart into a glorious experience. I am grateful to Cup of Jo and Katherine Wolkoff for bringing deer beds into my life. I am grateful the deer beds aren't on hunting land.

Do I hear...Please lady, get real. Its just a bunch of trampled grass some deer poop on!

"So what!", I say. They feel to me as if I'm in the 1935 film of Shakespeare's, "Midsummer's Night Dream," that inspired me as a child, and its all Real. Major brain giggle. And my soul is having quite  good chuckle as well.

To top it all off like homemade whip cream on pumpkin pie...I hear rustling, bigger than a cat and faster than a beaver rustling in the reeds and grasses! I quietly move away so the deer can sleep in the beds they make that I don't see. Stay safe deer friends!


  1. Wait til you see moose beds! ;)

    1. Hi Quinn,
      Moose beds! Holy antlers!
      Its always good to have another goal in life. lol


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