13 November 2015

Blogging Updates

The sound across the blog reading world I heard in September and October...sad sigh that summer is over. Here it is the middle of November. Witches and pumpkins are barely out of mind as turkeys are being chased into the woods by Christmas holiday decorating. I won't be surprised if one day I see pumpkins carved with Santa faces, and witches hats in red with a big white pom pom on top.
Bogging wise...Reading list clean up is done. The search for new blogs to add is going better than expected using the recommend on blogs as well as keyword searching. Not only am I finding new (to me) blogs, I'm learning via reading articles about subjects in the blogs. For example, I read a recent headline about the importance of joining art organizations. Sorry...I forget which blog I read it on.

Vermont Watercolor Society
New England Watercolor Society

Blog development...
Blog posts that I expect will receive comments that don't are indications of interest. Thus, I'm considering whether to concentrate on the Maywyn Annex for Art, and stop posting here. Enter a dilemma. So I browse the Internet. Here are a few art websites that inspire thinking:

Samantha Keely Smith
Katherine Thomas
Jan Zieba Photography

Tid Bits...
After a recent install of Windows 10...What is Cortana? Its a Windows 10 personal assistant program.
Next question...Can I shut it off?

Techradar.com, The Windows 10 privacy settings you need to change right now by Kevin Lee.

I'm not busy or tech savvy enough to be fully appreciative of whatever Cortana does. So far though, I like Windows 10 better than Windows 8.


  1. you are tech savy to me. I don't like Windows 8, and that is what we have. Thank you for the tips on art groups.. that is a good idea. love to you,Diana

    1. Hi Diana,
      Your paintings are beautiful. Good luck and have fun at the art shows.

      Windows 10 upgrade was free on the laptop. See if you can find a free download. The download and install take a long time, like 2 hours plus, but worth it. If you do, there's no way I found to shut off the annoying voice...Don't shut off your PC...during part of the installing.

  2. I'm still learning Windows 8.1, which I don't use that often, as it's on my new computer. I use this old one most of the time....I'm slow to change things! I do love seeing more of your art.

    1. Hi Debra,
      I enjoy seeing some of your artwork. The charm you put into them is amazing.

      I think I have Windows 7 on the old computer. Its so old and slow an upgrade wouldn't be worth it. All I did with Windows 8 was try to keep it out of my way. lol


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