28 November 2015

I was going to take a blog break thinking there's a week left in November. There isn't. This Tuesday is the first of December.
Next post will be on that day 
(So instead of doing projects, I spend half of Monday writing up and scheduling blog posts to free up time this week to do projects. I lol.)

While I'm here...copy and paste into Blogger from Wordpad for some reason changes the font size. Setting the font size back to Normal doesn't work as in the HTML page the font is either small or  smallest without being selected.
I'm typing using Normal, but he text shows up as Large. And, without clicking on anything, the font style reverts back to the one I changed from

More weirdness, when I edit, the font is Georgia that I selected. 
A blog post on the Reading List disappeared. 



  1. Enjoy your break - bet you come back with pictures ;)

    1. Hi Quinn,
      I will now. lol I notice I haven't been out taking many photos lately.
      I didn't realize this week is early December! I have to finish projects like getting out all the winter stuff.

  2. Thank you for coming to visit, so glad that your comment led me back to you!

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      I'll be trying a few of the recipes on your blog, Once Upon a Chocolate Life.
      Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!

  3. Blogger, alas, is seriously flaky and I have found so many things I can't do. I used to have that problem with the fonts but that did disappear a while back. It is however impossble for me to change the colours on my blog. I have tried to do so because some people have difficulty in reading white on a dark background, but I'd have to set the whole thing back to default and then might not be able to change it. You could have a go at looking at the HTML and deleting all the junk that gets inserted sometimes, as that is what messed up your fonts. Instructions to change font suddenly appear. Good luck!

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Changing the background color depends on the template being used. I use the Simple template because its easy to edit in the Template Designer.
      I've tried to edit the HTML without knowing for sure what I'm doing. Its easier to cut and paste the text into a word program, edit, and then copy and paste into a new post after deleting the old one with the glitches.
      Have a great week with happy feet!


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