25 October 2015

Watercolor Sketching

Working on watercolor sketches that are small saves on paper, paint, and nerves. Its horrible to waste a big piece of watercolor paper.
The other day when I set up to paint the study on the left, it took me over two hours. Here's what happened flash fiction style: 
Need to find list for mat size openings*; remember I tossed the old list because I wrote on it; make a new list; look for the paper cutter; pulled out the fancy trim paper cutter; put fancy trim paper cutter back; look again for paper cutter; frustrated, use scissors; tape paper to drawing board; phone rings; chat break; back to watercolor paper; forgot lunch; make lunch; forgot hand wash soaking; finished hand wash; transfer photos to computer with printer; print out photo; color not printing again; rarely print using color; putter away unhappiness; sit down to paint; rigger brush is missing; can't find the other shade of yellow; begin painting; and finally finish a color sketch.
Next, I need another shade of yellow and orange, and, a detail pencil sketch.
Bonus - The exercise walking back and forth to each place where the paper cutter could be.

* I prefer to size my watercolors for standard mat sizes and frames because it can help reduce the cost of framing to buy pre-cut mats and frames.

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