23 October 2015

Tips Gearing Up for Winter

Canada Geese Over Dead Creek Vermont
Here is my list getting ready for winter and things to remember:
1. Flu shot.
Every year its good to read the CDC (Center for Disease Control) page about what to expect for flu season.
2. Wash sandals and clothes before storing them away for winter, leaving enough time for them to dry completely.
3. Emergency car kit in good order, including sand and shovel in the car trunk
4. Don't leave battery chargers in the car where they can weaken in the cold.
5. Car lock De-icer don't leave in the car. (Yes, I did leave it in the car...once.)
6. Fleece throw in the back seat in case stuck in bad weather
7. Cough drops, water, tissue, hard candy, and crackers in a handy zipped bag in car.
8. Buy a new neck scarf. There's nothing like a new fluffy fashionable neck scarf to cheer one up when the cold rainy weather begins.
9. Toss or sew holes and/or buy new gloves and socks. Keep an extra pair for both in car.
10. Stock up on soup and croutons
11. Stock up on herbal and flavored teas, hot chocolate, and blackberry brandy
12. Make a Reading List for audio, e-books and Real books
13. Stock up on batteries and camp light for loss of electricity
14. Stock up on emergency foods like peanut butter, tuna, canned meat, and water
15. Wash windows

As the season temperatures become colder, I'll think of more things to do, but for now, this is the list. The Reading List will be posted as a Page under the blog's banner sometime the first week of November.

What's on your preparing for winter to do list?


  1. HA! I wish I had to worry about de-icer for my car locks! My car list includes WATER, here in the desert, and jumper cables (battery life is about two years max here, due to excessive heat...it plays hell with car batteries). I hear everyone but Nevada is probably in for a nasty winter...I hope it's not too rough! XOXO

  2. Hi Tanya,
    I hope we all have a winter that's winter without it being nasty. You might need de-icer when you visit Colorado. :)

  3. Dear Maywyn - looks like you are getting well prepared. Hope we don't have a winter like last year. At least I know what to put on my list. Take care friend.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      I hope you are having a good week-end.
      I'm being optimistic this winter won't be as bad as predictions say.


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