28 October 2015

Pumpkin 2015

Every year I buy a small pumpkin, usually a sugar pie, that I rarely carve or consume. I did bake the seeds one year. The squirrels didn't even want them. This 2015 pumpkin will become soup, sooner or later or candy or better yet, a desert using meringues and pumpkin. This pumpkin truffle on Allrecipes.com look good.

The seasons doesn't feel like autumn without the bit of little orange sitting on the shelf, counter or table.


  1. Such pretty photos! Seems you are learning your camera very well!
    We have a pile of squash on a kitchen chair-I think squash is so pretty-no matter what color. I do love pumpkin for the color and the taste!

  2. Thank you Debra
    The new angel you put in your esty shop today is handsome.

    It was a challenge chosing the best background for the pumpkin.

    I hope you enjoy the new fall rain today.


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