06 October 2015

Out and About Monday

Rock roses are a favorite since I first saw them, as I recall, at Rexhame Beach, Massachusetts the summer I turned nine years. The roses on the left look like a cousin in miniature alone a stone wall in downtown Vergennes, Vermont.
The cottage we stayed at those many years ago had an overgrown garden nearby with rock roses, and a sign, Rexham Beach. We weeded to spruce it up, being it was on the side of a fork in the road with no abode close enough to indicate ownership.

 The light yesterday was perfect for window shopping photos.

Pretty gowns in a window red, white and blue lend an autumnal feel to 4th of July colors. Its nice to see the blending of summer and fall without black cats and witches hats. I believe each holiday should have its date boundaries. No Christmas decorations until Thanksgiving week-end. Old fashion? You betcha. On the other hand, winter decorations, pine, pine cones and such are seasonal. :)

"Seating on Main Street," digital photo

Any season is a great time for dining on Main Street, and this photo takes it to another dimension. I think this reflection in the window of the Black Sheep Bistro with the Bixby Library across the street is the one I'll try to paint in watercolor first. The original focus is on the table setting. The bench across the street is a bonus I didn't notice until uploading the photo.


  1. I love the picture of the chairs in the window... it has such a cool composition, with the lines and angles of the wood pieces, and the frame of the window.

    1. Hi Katherine,
      Thank you. I add another photo from the walk, the reflection of the restaurant and the library across the street.
      Have a wonderful day!

  2. Yeah...with an artist's eye! These are FABULOUS, my friend! I love how you see. Happy Wednesday - Tanya

  3. Happy Wednesday to you Tanya!
    Your Travel Tuesday post is fantastic. I look forward to next week's post.


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