31 October 2015

October 2004 at Walden Pond

Talk about going by fast, October feels like it fell faster than a lead brick leaf. Frosty last night, I looked twice at the parking lot because I thought it had snowed.

Looking back to October 2004, here are some memories and photos of Walden Pond. Interesting bit, I'm related to Henry David Thoreau, 4th cousin five times removed. His 3rd great grandfather and my 8th great grandfather are the same man. Thoreau helped my great great grandfather bring his family over from Ireland to Concord. I've always loved the name Henry, (middle name of father and brother).
Time blends lives and land into new memory gathering for the future generations. I miss home this time of year. I've been living in Vermont for thirty years, but still think of the Concord-Waltham-Watertown-Lexington-Bedford-Carlisle area as home.
Walden Pond, Lincoln, Massachusetts, October 2004

This is the main beach area where there use to be a huge concrete platform dock structure to dive off. Behind the scene were the bath houses, and up the hill across the street where the parking lot is now, was a trailer court.

Walden Pond Waves

Leaf surfing size waves looking across Walden Pond where the railroad tracks are. That area of the pond, I was told as a child, is very dangerous to swimmers, as there are currents of some sort. To my toddler self, that meant monsters are in there. To this day I still feel the fear.

Walden Pond Along the Path to Thoreau's Cabin

As many times as I've been to Walden Pond, I don't recall ever walking the path on that far side. I remember Walden as a local swimming hole, laughter, sun tan lotion, kids playing, families outings.

Thoreau Cove, Walden Pond

To the right of the red tree is the cove and into the woods beyond is the Thoreau cabin site.

Thoreau Cove Wet Lands, Walden Pond

My favorite, the blog banner photo.

The area of light grass is rather swampy wet lands much of the year. In front of the area is the Thoreau Cove beach. I don't think swimming is allowed, and besides, from my memory, its too close to the dangerous scary part of the pond.

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