10 October 2015

Internet Surprises

Recently I felt heart broken reading about parents in the UK who's son has a blood illness and other conditions that causes bruising. They took him to the hospital where it was determined abuse was suspected. Three years later they are cleared, but their son through the courts was allowed to be adopted! Now they are fighting to regain the custody of their son, according to the article on Sky News. One needs to read the file and the court records to form a fully informed opinion. However, as soon as the truth is known, the child should be returned to his parents with apologies. 
I rarely link, share. I decided that once in a while its all right for a small part of giving back. The surprise I see is a huge banner with the website's name over the headline of the article I shared on Facebook. If there's no article photo, then some websites posts their huge banner instead. I was shocked, and deleted the share.
It feels to me like they're walking down the aisles in church during a funeral selling Follow Me flags and Like Us tee shirts. Not cool. What do I do? I decide to write a thoughtful note to Facebook asking them to limit the size of the share banner photo space a website can post on a Facebook wall, and that it be place Under the article. Will it happen? I think if enough people voice their opinion agreeing, then yes, it can happen.

Think about what differences you can help make that will help others.

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