26 October 2015

For the Moment

Have you ever taken a photographs of a moment just to remember them? Do you still remember what those moments are about?
As soon as I post the above questions, I remember why I took this photo — For the distortion of the plant behind the glass lampshade needed for a drawing. The surprise is how the lampshade appears to be on the blue vase in the back instead of the pottery lamp base. The working vintage oil lamp was purchased at a yard sale so many years ago I don't recall when or where. Instead of using it, I put tinsel garland inside for a bit of sparkle. I found the picture still on a camera's internal memory when I removed the memory card.

Have a Happy Last Monday of October!


  1. Maywyn- it does look like the glass shade is sitting on the blue vase. It shows one can be fooled by the camera. Thanks for sharing. Hope your Monday was good.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Monday was good. Still, it would be nice to talk a walk in the Ohio foliage with you and your wonderful dogs.


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