04 October 2015

Following/Blog Reading List Clean Up

At least once a year I clean up my Reading list/blogs I'm following. And at least once a year, I lose blogs I follow because I haven't made sure what I click on is what I want to click on.

How to stop following a blog:
On your Reading List to the far right of "All Blogs" there is a Gear icon, click to bring up your Reading List edit page.
Edit your list to follow public, private or delete/stop following.
Alternative method...sign into Each blog Followers List>Options>Settings>sign in again>Stop following this blog

A few reasons to stop following/remove from reading list:
  • Dormant blogs, no posting in months with no reason given
  • Rarely posts
  • Posts too often
  • Content changed
  • Lost interest
  • No courtesy comment on your blog (at least once)
  • Because you feel like it  
I read several blogs a day. I search for blogs to read using the referral method, clicking on a blog a blogger follows/recommends, by random Next, and by word searches on a search engine for specific types such as art, sculpture, mixed media, and so on.

If you are serious about blogging, then chose a few areas of interest to build your unique blog community. For example, I love graphics, signage, creative ways for using words and images. Yet, the number of blogs I read on that subject is low. What I can do is seek out blogs that fill the gap. If that area of interest becomes a larger part of my life, then I can start a blog based on that interest.

I firmly believe creative people have the capacity to expand the ways they are creative in positive and joyful ways. Blogging can be inspirational towards reaching those goals.


  1. Maywyn- wonderful blogging tips. I need to do some cleaning up. Thanks for sharing. Hugs

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Thank you. I deleted two dozen blogs during clean up. I think some I kept for content reference. When I opened the reading list today, the trimmer list feels good. Now, there's room for new blogs!

  2. I have FINALLY been cleared of all traveling (at least for awhile), and out of town company, and can now get back to being as good as you, and reading on a daily basis. I do the same thing as far as deleting from time to time. It just take so much time to click through all the steps for each and every blog! BTW, that photo up top is FABULOUS!!!!! Makes me wish we were heading into fall here, but I know it will be hot again next week! XOXO

    1. Hello Tanya,
      Thank you
      I wore sandals and shorts the other day. The very day after I wore a coat and scarf I had to remove.
      Have a happy week-end!


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