13 October 2015

Foliage Photography Excursion: Day Two

On the way back from dropping donations off at the ACAAG thrift store, I turned right into New Haven to see how far I'd go after seeing all that orange on Bristol Cliffs (above Route 116). Will I make it to Lincoln, Vermont and/or the New Haven River? I almost stopped to walk around Bristol there are so many quaint houses along the main drag with gorgeous old maple trees in color.

I pulled off the road to take the photograph.
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Well, as I was waiting at the light I was thinking how hungry I am, and maybe stopping at the Bristol Bakery is a good idea. Coffee! The light turns, and I don't. I kept on until my favorite place along the New Haven River where I use to sketch years ago.

There's an old stump that looks like a big black cat watching the river go by. Without many people around, I didn't want to go too far from the car. Along River Road  (New Haven River on the right) up to Lincoln, there are places iffy with erosion, but this place is fairly wide and away from the water's edge.

The New Haven River empties into Otter Creek that flows into Lake Champlain. In the Bristol, Lincoln stretch it is very rocky. More about erosion on another post.

Wooded area along the New Haven River. There are lots of little cave place for varmits, snakes, and twisting an ankle. One must take care when out and about there.

Near Eagle Park, dedicated to Chuck Baser, there is a fishing platform, parking area and picnic tables.

I believe that's Lincoln Peak in the distance being caressed by the birch tree. The photo is taken from the fishing platform. The New Haven River is known for fly fishing. There are areas with pools, slow moving water, and fast moving water where people have been lost in the currents. In 1998 the river flooded going well above the banks seen in the photos. The YouTube video is taken south of these photos. YouTube

I'm on my way home when I decide to stop at a wide parking area not far from the turn onto Route 116. I see a stunning view of Deer Leap, Bristol, Vermont. It made my day!

So where's all the colorful foliage I was hunting? In the woods of course, along the roads, up over the mountains, on the edge of fields. Fantastic peak color.

The mountains are alive with orange, gold, and some deep dark reds. Sounds like all went well? Sure. Until I uploaded the photos, and it looked like they disappeared. My heart sank as I went looking for them. I found all the pictures, well over 200, in a December 2014 folder. I have no idea why they are there. I uploaded with a different program.

My Favorite photo of the day, a four leaf maple! Amazing find. I made a wish, and left it there for others.

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