11 October 2015

Foliage Photography Excursion: Day One

I rode over to New York State Route 9, and turned around. My car made a funny noise that scared me. On the way back, going over in my mind what it could be...static. Yep. The car radio was on just enough to make a noise. Duh on me. I didn't have my good camera with me anyway as I was out scouting areas to photograph.
The forecast color this year will be spotty is spot on. Green and brown are the dominant colors near Lake Champlain border with New York State near Crown Point. I expect by the end of this week there will be a lot more color.
The weather and area are beautiful whether there's a lot of colorful foliage or not.

A bonus, this season is the darkest bright orange foliage I remember!  I mean stunningly gorgeous trees completely in color. Unfortunately, there is no place to stop to take pictures. The best example I saw is on Route 17 between Routes 22 and 7 just before the Addison County Fair Grounds. The leaves on that maple tree are just at the point between almost being red they are so vibrant.
Adirondacks from Dead Creek Vermont Visitor Area

In the Adirondacks I can see orange that looks like its nearing peak in some areas. I may go back next week-end. This week I'll be looking around Vermont.
Corn in the wind sounds like chattering birds
Snake Mountain from Dead Creek viewing area


  1. We were noticing how beautiful the trees are here. I love to see the reds, but I dearly love them all. Near the lake, our hills are not as vibrant yet-but they will be as it gets cooler. There are huge patches of bright yellow which are the huge grape plantings for the wineries. They will be brown when we get our first frost.

    1. Hi Debra,
      Your geography there is fantastic. I've saw a photo of beautiful foliage near a hotel along a cliff like shoreline. I wish I had saved the page.
      Have a great week!


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