30 October 2015

Foliage Friday

A western facing close up of Snake Mountain, Addison, Vermont taken this morning along Mountain Road just off Route 17, and not far from the Addison Four Corners Store. The picture is close to the trail head on Mountain Road. The hike up the mountain is rated easy to moderate on Hike New England dot com.

Right is a long distance view of Snake Mountain from the Dead Creek Wildlife visitor's viewing area. Note the hogback shape of the mountain mention in the last post.
The geese appear to have all flown south, as nary a one is seen by me this morning. 

Note the sign in the lower left for Smoked pulled pork, brisket and ribs. The last time I was there, a couple were sitting on the porch chowing down on ribs. I haven't tried them yet, but I surely will. Needless to say, I have bought the fantastic homemade donuts. Today, they are the reward for getting my flu shot earlier.
I asked and was given permission to post a photo of the store on this blog.

On the right is the view at Addison Four Corners looking northwest to the Adirondack Mountains in Upper New York State.The drive along Route 22 going south has stunning views of the mountains. I wanted to stop in every drive way, but didn't.

On the right is Snake Mountain farther south from the first photograph.The sun today is gorgeous on the peak to past peak landscapes. There are more photos to post after the other camera's battery recharges. Yes, I forgot to charge it before I left this morning.


  1. I'm sitting here with my mouth open at the sheer beauty in these photos! Thank you for posting - I live my fall through people that actually HAVE one! ;-) XOXO

    1. Hi Tanya,
      Thank you.
      I can only see part of your message because after installing Windows 10, about 25% of the
      right side of the browser page is black. Something is going on over there that's not loading.
      I have to add another line by hitting Enter or else the words disappear. I see Windows 10 is going
      to be a lesson in aggravation. It already took too long to set up apps, complete with an annoying
      voice narrator with no way to shut him up. I'm ranting...

  2. LOVE that first snap!

    1. Hi Quinn,
      Thank you. I was going to only post that photo for the impact it has. Amazing foliage that makes the
      landscape so dramatic. Happy Halloween!

  3. About the Windows 10 install and the blacked out part of the browser page I posted about above...
    Its the Windows Quick Access that I didn't click on, that's "not responding." The green bar has been
    moving for minutes now. I click on the red box with the X to close it on the bottom bar, nothing happens.
    Open Task Manager > Quick Access > End Task. Done, its close and the missing part of the page is back.

    1. To maybe prevent another Quick Access snafu, I unpinned it from the task bar.


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