10 October 2015

Eerie & Scary October: The Lint

Fiction, a made up story...

Betty is walking home from a trip to the local corner store when up the street heading in her direction she sees a woman jogging. A jogger isn't an unusual site in that area as a park isn't far away where folks leave their cars while they go about their exercise.
The sun is dappling on the autumn foliage. A crisp and busy breeze is blowing. The dry leaves scrape across the sidewalk. People are in their yards. Cars are going here there in the beginnings of the afternoon rush hour.
Betty slows her stroll. The jogger appears to slow down as well. A leaf brushes Betty's face. She looks up in a gust of wind to see branches stuffed with golden maples leaves letting them go. The sky cools. The air becomes stronger. A damp soaks right into Betty's old aching bones. She shivers in a scene that looks as if everyone ran indoors, cars disappeared, and the sun pushed itself out of the way.
Betty quickens her pace going around the corner. The jogger then appears across the street just barely ahead of Betty. The wind whispers through the thick pine trees as the jogger moves farther down the road. An old kite caught on branches dangles like bones hanging from a spider web. A plastic bag snagged in fallen branches angrily tries to get away, slapping at whatever it can.
Betty is now alone in a tunnel of woods with no light at either end. She firms up and limps faster. The jogger nears an empty house. Faster Betty goes until she sees the woman go into the property, and disappear into the woods beyond. Beyond is the thick patch of forest bordering the park. Betty stops and crosses the road mumbling to herself, Its a long way if you don't know where the park meets the woods. Betty shouts, "Stay to the left!"
Ed, the real estate agent that works with Betty's sister comes out of the garage side door,
"Who are you shouting at?"
"Hi Ed. The jogger that just ran through here." Betty replies nearly breathless.
Edie walks from the back of the garage with a rake in her hand, and clearly wearing Ed's garden gloves. She looks like a scarecrow in her old straw hat.
"What jogger? I didn't see anyone." Edie asks.
"In the mud, there, she just ran through there." Betty points.
The three walk over to a strip of dark mud trailing into the woods. There are branches, acorns, and pine cones, but no foot prints.
"I saw her jogging right here." Betty insists. She describes the woman in detail except for her face.
Ed shows her a photo he brings up on his tablet.
"Is that her?" Ed asks with an unsteady hand.
"Yes! Who is she?" Betty asks.
"The woman they found that went missing on the hiking trail last month. They found her at the bottom of a cliff. I was in the search team. You were away at a conference with the club."
Ed puts away his tablet and stares into the woods.
"She recovered quickly if she's able to go jogging." Betty says trying to comfort him, "Must be why she holds her head down while jogging, a neck injury. That's why I didn't see her face."
Ed turns his gaze to the road and back to the woods trying to speak, but doesn't.
"Betty," Edie begins in a low and slow voice, "She didn't recover. She was a recovery, a body recovery."
"I saw her as I see you now. I swear when she passed by me at the corner, across the street a little while ago, I could nearly see the lint on her jogging suit."


  1. Ah the perfect scary story Maywyn - a great tale to be told around a campfire. Hope you have a great day. Hugs

  2. Hello Debbie,
    Love your Autumn photographs. Have a Happy Week!
    As a campfire story is a great idea! Thank you


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