02 October 2015

Eerie, Scary & Leery

My father loved to scare us kids with stories about graveyards and ghosts. I remember my little voice not giggling as I pull the covers over me while he laughs and laughs. Its was fun, and is a treasured memory. Mother confirming his stories in the day light made the biggest impression because that lends to the fear that even in daylight, there's no place to hide from scary stuff.

October methinks, (the month father was born btw) can be said to be the scariest month of the year because of Halloween. Therefore, each week of October I'll post something for readers to decide on the scare scale if they are leery or feeling the scary.

My mother loved to watch the Moon. During the lunar eclipse the other night, I thought about how much she'd love to be there with me sitting out in the cold night watching the eclipse. Aloud I said hello to her to feel her near me. About that time, the photographs I was taking change.
9:35 PM 27 EDT September 2015, Vermont
The shape of the mist is most defined in the photo on the right indicating it might be cold air and my breath combination glitch playing with the lens shape. In the other pictures its much lighter and shapeless lasting from around 9:49 to 9:38 PM EDT. I didn't see any mist until I uploaded the photos.

I did see a shooting star, and quickly took a photo of the indoors to mark the time.  The shooting star's path went from the northwest to southeast on the left side/ dark side of the Moon about scale wise, an inch away. The time is about 9:49 PM EDT, almost ten minutes after the white mist stops showing up in the photographs that I had been taking every minute or so.
Up before dawn to see the full super Moon shining so brightly I had to take pictures, I capture another surprise that shows up in only one frame.

There may be a photography term for the shape, something, I suspect, has to do with the lens. But in the ghost hunter world, methinks that is an orb.An orb, by the way, that just so happens to be in the direction of an old cemetery.

What say you, eerie or leery?


  1. I sometimes wonder what the ghost-hunter folks would make of the "orbs" revealed by my IR goatcams. My barns and paddocks must be the MOST ghost-populated places on the planet!

  2. Hi Quinn,
    Just sent you an email.
    There are droplets in the air that sometimes show as orbs. If you take photos during a rain storm, then you can see the difference. In winter when it snows, you can see the difference between the actual snow and the orbs. There are ghost hunters that dismiss them, and there are hunters that believe they represent the spirit energy of the dead. I'm a skeptic mostly. I know cameras have weirdness I don't technically know how to explain. However, when an orb that large shows up all by itself, I believe it is an orb on the paranormal side. Flashes of light are also camera glitches that share with spirit activity, IMHO.
    I won't be surprised if your orbs are real orbs and not insects or moisture.

  3. Ah Maywyn wonderful capture of that orb. Definitely a little eerie!


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