19 October 2015

Did You See That Tree?

The branches of this tree, (oak I think) are enchanting. On a frosty Monday morning  I think its important to look beyond reality by engaging one's attention towards uplifting creative thoughts. Tree photos. I can't look at a sturdy tree without wondering if its a good one to hang a swing from, the wood seat with two ropes type.
Look at the view you'd have one lazy autumn afternoon waiting for geese to arrive
as you gently swing against or with the wind. 
The road is actually father away from the tree than it looks in the picture.
Dead Creek Visitor's Area
This last photo was taken a few years ago. 
The tree in the other pictures above is at the end of the dirt road viewing area,
just right of the almost vanishing point.


  1. Yes this tree is enchanting. I always marvel at the thought of how long it takes an oak to grow this tall. Beautiful way to start my Monday afternoon. Have a great one too.

    1. Happy Monday Debbie!
      There are several trees along that stretch of Route 17 that are wind blown bending to the north. Their textures and branches are all quite interesting.

  2. Beautiful tree. Have a lovely week.

    1. Hi Loree,
      A beautiful week to you
      Thank you. Trees are a favorite to sketch and paint.

  3. I always look at trees and imagine "age" things - like how many events have these trees seen in their lives! These are gorgeous, my friend. Happy Tuesday!

    1. Hi Tanya,
      Thank you. I like the way you think about trees.
      Happy Tuesday to you!


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