16 October 2015

Dead Creek Flocks of Geese

The flocks of geese are so far back in the fields I can't hear them, and can't see them unless they take flight. As I was getting ready to leave the viewing area this afternoon just before 3 PM EDT (after taking enough photos of the rain clouds, birds, trees and corn stalks), I see in the distance a flock of snow geese! They aren't easy to see without binoculars. Look at the whitish dots center of the picture below just below the mountain horizon. (click photos to enlarge)

What a surprise! The flock there is huge, but looks less than half what use to be there in 1998. As for the Canada Goose flock seen arriving yesterday, I saw nary a feather. I did see a flock of what look like starlings.

In the afternoon the sun lights up the foliage on Snake Mountain. Its on cloudy days like today that the sun and clouds can create interesting landscapes.
One of the most beautiful aspects about living in Vermont is seeing these landscapes every day. I mean, these are views people see driving to work every day!


  1. Maywyn-How I love your photos. I LOVE your sketchbook and I do wish you'd include more photos of your work. You are a fine artist. How interesting that you include the details-you must have a lot of science in your background. I can't wait to see the paintings you will do from your photos.

    1. Hi Debra,
      Love seeing the progress of you dolls!
      Thank you. I'm into painting mode now with enough photos to paint from, and all the enthusiasm from being outdoors so much.

  2. If that's a small flock, I can't even imagine what you've had there before. I miss geese and ducks - I love the honking as they fly over the house.

    1. Hi Tanya,
      I miss hearing them honk when they're so far away. I hope this week-end there are more, and closer to the viewing area.


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