15 October 2015

Canada Geese at Dead Creek Wildlife Management Area

Canada Geese Flock Landing

They've arrived! I was lucky to be there as (small numbers mostly) flocks of Canada Geese arrive at the corn fields at Dead Creek. They are landing far into the field away from the viewing area. I hope tomorrow they move close where they can be seen in good numbers.

Dead Creek Fishing Access Route 17 Panton, Vermont

Canada Geese Flying South

At the end of the visitor's view road near Dead Creek, I parked because I heard honking when I was taking pictures of the creek from the fishing access across the road.

At the far end of the viewing area (towards Snake Mountain direction) there is a water puddle pond where I saw birds as I was leaving.

I'm hoping tomorrow I'll learn how to focus better when flocks are so close overhead.

As they approach their landing spot they flap fly, sort of glide, some break formation, and then they all land.

It also helps to have a tripod or at least a steady hand. Knowing how to balance the excitement of birds right overhead, and not being hit by globs of concrete like waste is a skill. Its adorable how they tuck up their feet when they are in flight.

Number one photography lesson learned today...Zoom lens. Need one.


  1. I remember seeing the geese flying high in the sky during the year my husband and I lived in St Louis. It was an amazing sight - especially for me. We don't get anything like that here.

  2. Hi Loree,
    Your blog post and photos today about Hiraeth is absolutely wonderful.
    This year has been quite a wait for the geese to show up. I heard there were snow geese here about two weeks ago. The flocks use to be huge, sometimes taking up fields on both sides of the road. Over he years they're fewer and father back.


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