23 October 2015

About Photos of People and Pets

Dog at Dead Creek Visitor's Area
As a courtesy, I don't post photographs of people that aren't in a public crowd type setting without their permission. I will, however, use the image to paint from using the people as models, and changing their appearance. Dogs I will post a photo with their people edited out of the image.
I love the photos of this dog (who has an uber sweet personality). His leash begins in the back shadow perpendicular to his body.  His people are cropped out of the photo, but will be added in a painting. 

The Dead Creek information pavilion is barely showing in the far right of the dark line of trees. While the story of the photo is all right without the pavilion, I feel including the wildlife references is better. The quaint New England village background is a surprise when seeing the uploaded images for the first time. That is Addison Four Corners at the intersection of Routes 17 and 22. I had been concentrating on the scene with no thought of the surroundings. Now, the plan for next week is to post the paintings instead of photographs.

A Note...Learning experience...this post was suppose to be published at 1 AM EDT Saturday, tomorrow morning, but I clicked Publish before scheduling. I went back to schedule, but it posts anyway. 
So here it is.



  1. What a pretty little town in the distance!!!

    1. Hi Tanya,
      The location is Addison Four Corners...a store with gas pump, school, town hall, church, (the steeple), the fire station, and some houses.

  2. Oh my Maywyn - this is just a wonderful photo. Such a gorgeous spot. I appreciate the fact too that you left the dog there. This should make a great painting. Thanks as always for sharing.

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Thank you. It was a windy day with a bit of chill for the old dog, but he looked very happy.


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