16 September 2015

What a Mess

On television you might have seen people spray painting items like its easy to do.
It is not easy. Read the directions Carefully, and learn how to before you begin.
Gloves and eye protection on spraying with a very slight breeze, I'm happy the paint color is perfect. The coverage isn't. Light spray sweep, stop, spray sweep, doesn't cover well even on the second sweep. I spray closer and longer for better coverage. Then  globs of paint drop and splash onto the surface, and then the can stops spraying completely.

Here are tips based on my experience using spray paint in a can:
  • Don't spray in the morning or else strange bits of dew might appear on the paint (photo on left)
  • Don't spray until there's no air movement  or else tiny bubbles might appear in the paint. The directions state avoid very windy. There is a big difference between very windy and a slight breeze.
  • Buy more than one can in case you forget to shake the can a lot, and it stops spraying
  • Shake after every 2 or 3 sprays
  • Twice the coverage spray paint might not cover as well you expect
In summary, I made quite a mess, and its not my first time using can spray paint.  Nearly half a can of spray paint will go to the recycle center hazardous waste area. I believe the directions need improving. The only place I can use can spray paint is outdoors. Thus, I'm going back to using a non-spray enamel paint in a can where my chances of making such a big mess are reduced.


  1. I've used spraypaint on a project once in my entire life. 'Nuff said? ;)

  2. Hi Quinn,
    I have no problems using spray fixative and sealer. I don't recall a can of either clogging up or stop working until the can is empty. It doesn't make sense spray paint clogs and has such spotty coverage. For small projects, can spray paint is all right. For the larger items, I'll never use it again.

  3. I am the world's worst spray painter! I gave up even trying... and was tired of getting paint all over my skin and hair... Your tips are good, though!

    1. Thank you Katherine
      I'm at the end of the trail for spray paint.


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