19 September 2015

What Isn't in a Name

Every year, every minute actually, its becoming more difficult to find a unique name that isn't being used; and if it isn't, finding the domain available. Finding that perfect pair of shoes, and then be told your size is sold out is the new reality of Internet names/IDs.
Here's a shorter story...cleaning out stuff and being behind on photo projects happen at the same time. Found stuff + Camera= Done.
Leaf and Stone. I look it up online to find  it is the name of a company. Therefore, I won't be using that name. The key is to be unique, and own the domain name before posting it in public. Making up words can be a nightmare when you learn its an unpleasant word in another language. I feel like a broken record on this subject.
So how did the leaves and stone photo happen?
I found the pressed 2012 maple leaves in an artwork folder when I was looking for white paper to take photos of the corn husks and grape stems. Oh, look at this. I forgot I had those.
I want to have photos of the corn husks before I try to make the doll. When I dumped the husks on the photo shoot paper, a rock fell out with them. I took pictures, but soon realize the pebble is too small. There is never a time when a rock isn't within reach for me. Off the shelf the stone goes. I thinks its cute the leaves look almost protective of the little sedimentary rock.

I haven't created a unique name today, but I learned I'm almost out of large drawing paper.


  1. This made me smile....I love rocks too, and I also dry leaves and forget which book I pressed them in....

    1. Hi Debra,
      Yes, forgetting the book is often the case. Its a miracle those leaves aren't crumbs.
      Have a great week!


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