23 September 2015

The Struggle of Drawing

"I wish I could draw like that."
Followed by a sigh, are words I often hear from people when they view art.
Thankfully, after I reply with something like... Oh, you can with practice ...they don't turn to me and ask, "Do you?"
Another sigh as I think no...I don't draw very often. I don't have a full sketchbook. I substitute a camera for sketching. Truth is, there is nothing that can fill in for the experience of drawing that produces the same result...learning the skill.
Untitled, Ink & Watercolor Drawing
Last month I took out old drawings, and worked on them again for the last time during my finish all the artwork I've started week. Inspired by that process and the fantastic blogger artists I read, I began taking photos of images as slowly a need to draw builds. I ask myself what is it about drawing that feels so un-wanting to do?

Lack of confidence, resolve or motivation?
I'm no Da Vinci, but I can draw. Its motivating myself that's a skill I seem to lack where drawing is concerned. Therefore, in October with the photography foliage project, I'm going to designate a sketchbook for drawing.  I'm interested to see if I continue to fill the pages in November.

Do you have a seasonal or for all seasons sketchbook?


  1. I really enjoyed #DrawingAugust on twitter but never could have - or would have - done it without the creative momentum generated by so many people - hundreds, all over the world! - posting every day. In my mind, posting a picture (regardless of quality, just putting it up and stepping away) became my ticket to a daily gallery excursion.

    1. Hi Quinn,
      Your drawing blog challenge has been a pleasure to see and read. You draw really well.
      Blogger artists are the reason I'm pushing myself to draw more.

  2. I feel exactly the same-I love to draw, but so often do not do it. I encourage you to pursue your art-it's obvious you have talent. I like the drawing, and the color you've added.

    1. Hi Debra,
      Thank you. I encourage you to draw more.


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