03 September 2015

Something About Me: Television

Talking television here.
My list (not complete) when I watch TV not in order of importance. Sorry, I don‘t know how to alphabetize in Microsoft Word:

History Channel, Travel Channel, Sy Fy Channel, Sleepy Hollow, HGTV, Create, PBS, NCIS, NCIS Los Angeles, NCIS New Orleans, This Old House, Ask This Old House, Mystery, Masterpiece Theater, Documentaries, Extant, Two Broke Girls, Vikings, Warehouse 13 (cancelled), Eureka (cancelled),  Under the Dome (cancelled), Haven (last episodes), Defiance, Sarah Richardson, Michael Wood, and (most) Michael Palin shows, House Hunters International, Frontline, Bones, Flea Market Flip, Travel shows, Prospectors, Ancient Aliens, Destination Truth, Destination Unknown, American’s Test Kitchen, UFO Hunters, In Search of Aliens, Say Yes to the Dress, American Pickers, American Restoration, Fixer Upper, Dark Matter,  American Unearthed, Austin City Limits, North Woods Law, Treehouse Masters, Jimmy Fallon, As Time Goes By (reruns), Graham Norton Show, Cities of the Underworld, Any little house show, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, and a new solidly funny discovery, The Carmichael Show.

Overall, I prefer programs about science above all the rest. I may know how to explain the rock cycle, but I learned it in geology courses. I read my old geology textbooks for fun. (Weird.) As for alien information, I watch the programs, but don’t retain the info well. I do know Roswell happened after I was born..Oops...Correction... It happened 1947, before I was born. (Uh oh.) So I’m good with feeling human.

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