19 September 2015

Snapdragons Lessons

Learning how to garden is an ongoing process. This summer I'm grateful a multi color six pack of snapdragons has been blooming nonstop in pretty colors from white to the dark burgundy red. 
I observe that the plants closer to full sun don't bloom as much or as well. The biggest snapdragon, the dark burgundy red (left of those in the photo, and photo below), is in almost full shade; and is where I drop the old marigold flower heads and seeds.  The farther into the shade, the wider the plants are spaced giving them better air circulation, less competition for nutrients, and possibly better soil.

Next year, I'll plant them farther apart, and make sure the soil is good at both ends of the tiny border area where I plant them.


  1. Anything pretty that will bloom in shade is good news to me!

    1. Hi Quinn,
      I hope you are getting good rest.

      The burgundy snapdragons go from shade to dappled sunlight, and in the afternoon a full sun. Please, remind me in the spring to send you some of the seeds I've saved.

  2. They are absolutely lovely, Maywin. I have never grown them-so next year I will try them...

    1. Hi Debra.
      I have seeds!
      In the late winter, I'll send an email.


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