07 September 2015

Reflection Monday September 2015

If you stare at the word too long, then it might look a little weird. 
Lately, methinks the word even feels a bit strange.

The right to religious freedom from government is what America is founded on. The U.S. Constitution separates Church and State. Overlaps can cause flaps in the order of things. If you want this, then you have to abide by the, law, rule, regulation. You don’t have to believe in what that is, you just have to abide by the rule that if you want to do this, then there are rules you have to follow concerning that. Balance. Think Conscientious Objection where one’s religious belief prevents them from being in the military.

Reflect on what your rights mean to you.

For the right solutions, we need to work together, not apart or against.

Reflection Monday September 2014


  1. Dear Maywyn- good thoughts my friend. Thank you for sharing. Hugs!

    1. Your welcome, Debbie
      Have a wonderful week!


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