04 September 2015

Labor Day Week-end and Labor

Water, Pen and Paper, digital photo
Are you surprised this is Labor Day week-end? I am. Glancing to read the other day a sign on the US Post Office door, I wonder....Oh...when is that? September? 
Hello September!
Celebrating Labor Day began as the first Monday in September in 1887, one hundred and twenty eight years ago. I remember back in the day when it as a major holiday near equal to the 4th of July.
I believe it should be a major holiday with no sales, no specials. Celebrate by giving all non essential people the day off. Will that ever happen? I believe it won't.

Have a Safe and Enjoyable Holiday Week-end!

Drive Safe!


  1. celebrate something with a sale.. how dare you think such preposterous things.. unfortunately we live in a material world and in the end everything ends up being about shopping

    1. Hi Hena,
      One can always dream of holidays that aren't all about shopping..probably off the grid living in the back woods without any electronic equipment. Have a nice week!


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