02 September 2015

Filter and Fan Cleaning

Regularly clean air filters and fans is the safe and smart thing to do without fail. Please remember, a few minutes of maintenance can not only potentially save your life and property, it can prevent health problems. Allergies can be aggravated by dirty fans and filters. Do you want to breath crud and/or mold? Clean the fan and filter!

Dirty fans and filters can be dangerous!

  • Unplug all electric appliances before cleaning.
  • Read the instructions. Search online if  you threw them away
  • Don't get water in the motor!
  • Wipe blades soft damp cloth 
  • Wash plastic grates in a shower or kitchen sink with the hose attachment. Towel and air dry. Water droplets can be missed in small spaces.
  • Have a good cloth or old towel to dry off the grates
  • Clean air conditioner filters per the directions that come with it. Search online if you threw them away

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