01 September 2015

Do You Have a Will Do List?

I don't mean to harp, but the change of seasons is a perfect time to review, plan, and get things on their way, the way you want them to be. September 2015 is my first Will Do List. No more ineffective To Do lists for me. The challenge of the word "will" is inspiring in a competitive way with  one's self.  Be Positive!

A first draft of a Will Do List

  1. Create/move to my own website using my own artwork
  2. Study a different language(s)
  3. Take a LOT of photographs of fall foliage
  4. Study photography
  5. Create an art supply list
  6. Make stretchers to stretch my own canvases
  7. Memorize a poem that I wrote
  8. Memorize a poem somebody else wrote
  9. Go into the woods or a field, sing a song, and see if it changes the World
  10.  Read a book a week
  11. Buy new socks
  12. Embellish long sleeve tee shirt
  13. Buy painting shirts at a rummage sale 
  14. No winter coats at rummage sales unless donate ones I already have
  15. Stop getting paint and bleach all over my good clothes
  16. Make a pie
  17. Make something with all those tin can lids
  18. Wear an apron more often
  19. Really finish every painting 
  20. Sew up the fabric purses I've cut out
  21. Never place a drawing board below dinning table height
  22. Stop whining about bruise on leg from crashing into edge of drawing board
  23. Finishing sewing the daisy summer top before its put away for the winter
  24. Complete holiday shopping before Thanksgiving
  25. Create a 2016 Calendar

During Autumn 2015 I will blog once a week about one or more of the above items, progress, no progress, and any adjustments.


  1. i do.. it's more of a once my kids start going to school full time list..

    1. Hi Hena,
      Back to school when you have kids is a real joy, until the they bring home the list of supplies they need.
      I remember going to school with my lunch and a pencil.
      I was sad when the first one went to real school. I cried.
      Have a great week!

  2. I hope you start with the height of the drawing board, for the sake of your legs! ;-) Happy Tuesday - XOXO

    1. Happy September and Tuesday to you, Tanya.
      Love you post about the Pow Wow.

  3. I see a lot of potential here for getting lots of things accomplished simultaneously. For example, you could #18 in order to #15 while #19! I was going to add that you could combine #17 and #16, but that would just be silly :)

    1. Hi Quinn,
      Your suggestions will work if I remember when doing something to remember something else. :)
      I have half a snowman made with three of the tin can lids. All it needs is the attaching decision for wire, glue, string, leather or other.


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