22 September 2015

Dead Tree

A few years ago a storm took down this poplar (?) tree that was part of a stand of tress along a the edge of the old cemetery.  Today, there are not only places for birds to have nests, there's several perch up venues for tasty bird meals to chose from...zoom a wing by here, first window, please.

Imagine how happy the birds are as well as the bugs for their short lives (because they have a living space as well).

Color in this area is slow this year as green is very dominant even in the higher elevations visible from this elevation along Route 7 in Addison County.

I'm extending my photo foliage excursion from the first two weeks of October to the entire month to capture in pictures the full view of the seasonal changes. This is my first major photography project. I'm excited thinking about what I'll learn from the process.


  1. Beautiful photo-and so is the corn in your previous post. I am excited to see your fall progress-it seems you are greener than we are-our corn here is very tan and dried out-the farmers are harvesting it now. You can see just a very slightest of slight color in the hills-it almost looks like a little red haze here and there. It smells like fall too. I love it!

    1. Hi Debra,
      Thank you.
      There is corn farther along in this area, but not many along my travels as yet. The mountains and hills are funny like that, one place is summery while another is autumn. This morning it looks to be fairly chilly. I expect the perfume of fall will be making its way here soon.


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