25 September 2015

Chair, Light & Door

Chair & Shadows
There are times when taking pictures of what's around you can create surprises, images you didn't expect even though you saw them first hand.

I bought my table and three chairs years ago as Salisbury Used Furniture here in Vermont because the price was right, love the chairs, and the table top is 1.5 inch thick pine in a golden stain. The chairs, however, have been painted a few times. I'm leaning toward bringing them back to a wood stain.
After taking photos of the dry maple leaves and stone, the light on the  bead board door catches my attention. I love this photograph. I can't technically explain why I love the image. I do know the atmosphere the image's story reads to me is the main reason. I plan to take more pictures when the light is right.
Out of all the many photographs I've taken, percentage wise, there are few I'd frame. This photo is one of them.


  1. Oh Maywin. This is indeed a wonderful photo. I love it too, and was drawn to it right away. This would sell! A print of it would be so beautiful. I love it!!!!

    1. Hi Debra,
      Thank you! I'm going to look into have a small print run done. I'll let you know.


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