15 September 2015

Building a Soup

Creating your own soup can be a special moment that can be either one to remember or one for the garbage disposal. The first soup I made was from a package of pretty dry beans. I thought boiling them in water made the soup. It didn't. I actually remember saying...I don't know what happened... with a sincere teary voice.

The key to success is to think first. I suggest you master making an awesome carrot, onion, and celery mirepoix (meer pwah) as a base to build your own soup recipe.
I like to keep some handy in the winter for a quick meal adding other ingredients or leftovers. I like it with a bunch of sliced onion simmered until soft, adding a glob of mozzarella cheese to melt, and a big chunk of  garlic bread to sop up the liquid.

This season the first soup I made  began with a small zucchini intended for a salad. The rain and chill in the air felt like the right atmosphere to create a two serving bit of soup instead. I used zucchini, parsley, olive oil, black pepper, garlic powder, carrot, instant mashed potato (thickener), rice, and a dab of butter on top. I made the mistake of adding too much instant mashed potato mix that gives it the feel of a soup flavored mirepoix paste. Otherwise, the flavor is good.

Happy Soup Building!

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