09 September 2015

Ah, the Grasshopper on the Bench

Schistocerca Americana, American Grasshopper
This year I notice more grasshoppers than usual on and near the backyard deck. Could it be since I water the plants there regularly, the scent of water attracts them and/or the soft planter soil is a good place to leave eggs?

The American Grasshopper has been a favorite bug of mine right next to the firefly/lightening  bug, and lady bug.

I saw a bee gathering tomentum (white fuzz) off the Dusty Miller plant, and I dash inside to grab a camera.  When I return, this guy (photo left) is on the bench near the planter, and the bee has flown away. It would be a total thrill to get a photo of a bee with its mouth full of Dusty Miller fuzz. Its always nice to have a new goal in life.

Dusty Miller minus lots of tomentum.  That is the plant the bee was harvesting nesting material from.
Note, the grasshopper (above) can be seen in the lower left corner of the picture.

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