08 September 2015

A Year Later

8 September 2014, Laptop Adventures
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Last year I was learning how to use a laptop computer. I have yet to master all the do dads, or even access the stuff I don't need. I can say a laptop is easier, and will be a time saver once I l earn to use it better. The weather for example, is right there. But, I'm a NOAA fan, and will always do a few clicks to see the NOAA weather page.

Crow Towers, ink drawing circa 2001
The biggest down side of a laptop with Windows 8 are the updates. If you want to quickly turn on the system to check something, and you don't have updates set to install at your convenience, then prepare for a very long wait.  And, possible system getting stuck somewhere during the process.  I had to remove the battery to get the system unstuck from such an install at least once, maybe twice.
While I don't have much to crow about Windows 8 and laptops, I have a good enough view to never want to give up my old clunky PC set up.


  1. Dear Maywyn- you are far more computer savy than I am. This year my challenge has been how to use my android. I think we are doing pretty good for two mature chicks! Hope you have s great week. Hugs

  2. Hi Debbie,
    Ooo Android! It took me over a month to activate mine. So far I'm better at not jumping when it rings.
    Happy Androiding!

  3. I've been partial to laptops for years but am now thinking of buying a desktop again. Round and round!

    1. Hi Quinn,
      For me its the keypad versus the keyboard. Laptop keypad is easier and faster to type on. The old keyboard feels more comfortable and solid, and fewer typos. I see new desktops are all in one like a monitor screen with no CPU. No more struggling to get the cover off to dust out the CPU is going to open up a whole new world. lol

  4. I dropped my laptop and I miss it so much! I have to share a puter with husband until I can replace mine. He hates windows 8! Just when you get used to one Windows, they so-called "update", it is so annoying.

    1. Hi Jeri,
      Happy Birthday! I hope you had lots of cake and ice cream.
      I haven't heard anyone that likes Windows 8. I've read some have gone back to an older version.
      I'm too scared of glitches to do that.


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