01 August 2015

The July 2015 Blue Moon

Waning Gibbous 99% Full Moon 1 August 2015

I missed last night 31 July's full Moon with the camera I have that takes the best Moon
photographs, FujiFilm  Fine Pix S4530. The one picture I did manage to get isn't heavily edited
to show detail. Its not really Blue.
 Alas, new batteries, and waking up from dozing off as I waited for the Moon to rise about the trees, pictures, and a few mosquito bites.
Full Blue Moon 31 July 2015 Edited Digital Photo


  1. These are lovely pictures of the moon, mine always come out so disappointing. I have never really known why it is called a blue moon. Now I need to look up "gibbous" It's a word I['ve often encountered and I am ashamed to say I have always been too lazy to check what it means. I will now!

  2. Gibbous is more than half illuminated but not fully.


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