14 August 2015

Hand Washing for Health & Pocket

On a clothes line about eight feet long, I can hang about five (5 inch inseam) shorts, and on a windy day about the same amount of tee shirts scrunched for space. One hand wash a day for an average of three days a week is a large load of clothes not using up electricity, and as much water as a machine. An average $4.00 dollars (low end) for a machine wash and dry times 52 weeks is a savings of  $208.00 dollars a year (when the weather allows).

The benefit of hand washing and line drying is not only the savings, it is the exercise. You can also benefit from saving wear and tear on clothes. If clothes lines aren't allowed where you live, then use the tub as  your budget drying space. Not into washing clothes and  you can have a clothes line? Then buy fabrics from a half to three yards you can soak and hang outdoors on windy days. Enjoy the beautiful sight of fabric billowing in the wind, the fresh smell of drying outdoors, a subject to paint, and the confidence you've done something good for yourself and Earth.

. Drying Clothes Grunwald 
"Drying Clothes", 1903, oil


  1. The smell of fabric that has dried in the sun is one of my favorite things in this world!

    1. Hi Quinn,
      Today was a perfect day for hanging wash on the line, breezy with sun.
      Have a fantastic week-end!


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