09 August 2015

Blog Break is Over, Done, Gone, Zipola

If you ever take a blog break, then I suggest schedule posts of photos or quotes or something that will help keep your browser search engine ranking current. Try not to let all your hard work get dusty. Make a plan to keep your blog fairly current.
Baby Rabbit
So what's been going on? I think I deleted more posts than I left up. Visitor counts are w a y down giving the place an echo like being in the woods alone, and hearing a tree fall.
A new pet peeve...Jiggle Websites! As the website page loads, it jumps out of place while you are reading an article. An old pet peeve is websites that take a long time to load. Blogs have greatly, IMHO, improved in this regard. It is rare I find a blog with huge photos and ads hogging the page load time. Another change I notice in blogging is a lot more care being taken to give credit for photos and content. Bravo Bloggers!

Reading blogs, and finding new blogs to read has been a lot of fun. One is a return to blogging at New England Living. The Friday cocktail feature there is as good as going to the creamie stand once a week. A pick me up cuteness is seeing adorable goats, a dog, and knitting on another New England based blog, Comptonia. Leaping across the pond, reading The Weaver of Grass based in the Yorkshire Dales of the United Kingdom is also a good read. Browsing for art blogs sometimes brings a beautiful photo into view that leads to a website. I discovered during such an excursion Aliki Cooper Web Design.
Speaking about photography, my top favorite is Holly Moran Photography based in North Syracuse, New York. Excellent work from a true talented artist. It has been a real privilege to see her business grow.
I read National Geographic Magazine more often as a source of inspiration for life in general. For daily news in general I click on Google News because the line up of articles feels less editorialized to me, there's more variety, and a no page jumping while loading.

As for my art project to finish paintings, er...well... sort of like this...There are times when I feel I can't paint. I have evidence of that in a stack of canvas boards in various stages of who knows what I was thinking. An episode of frustration this project surely has been. In the last month, I've finished three watercolor drawings, and two acrylic landscapes that a I began going as far back as 2009. The Walden Pond painting is still not finished. I am nowhere near where I want to be with my art. I toggle my brain between painting and writing to force myself to do something. The depression is a problem, but its not always an obstacle or the excuse why I don't create. It is okay to watch "Extant," and the SyFy channel. I smile. Oh ya, okay, I also watch, "Ghost Adventures."

So where to now?
Continue to explore/force myself to learn ways to create with consistency.
Blog deliberate planned posts like the time last week when I tried making egg rolls with rice wraps.


  1. It is a lot of work to keep up a blog, great tip about scheduling posts while away. Thanks for sharing the links!

  2. Dear Maywyn- glad your blogging break gave you time to enjoy other blogs. Thank you too for the tips as well as the links. Love that sweet baby rabbit. Have a super day. P.S. I understand about the Times I think I can't paint either. What artist doesn't have those thoughts from time to time.

  3. Hi Celia,
    I love you post about the Van Gogh museum, and your lovely painting.

    A great week to you as well.
    I had a break through over the week-end painting abstracts over the old canvas boards.

    Comments changed from a reply to each, to Post a Comment only.

    1. Ah ha, I found how to change it back...under Settings>Other>Site Feed>Full, full, short

  4. Well, thank you for that kind shout-out, Maywyn - what a nice surprise on this rainy morning. I always enjoy your comments on Comptonia, and I think of you as one of my blogging neighbors, just a "little ways" up the road to the north :)
    I was happy to see your name pop up in my Feedly index this morning, and then saw there were SEVEN new posts from you, all at once! I don't know if you meant for that to happen, but I though I'd mention it just in case. They all had the same posting time: "2 hrs" ago. (The most recent post before those seven was 16 days ago.) There are a couple of blogs where I often get notice of 3 or 4 postings all with the same posting time, and at least one of those bloggers told me she had actually posted them on subsequent days, so...?? Maybe it's something about Feedly. Anyway, since you mention reader numbers etc., thought you might want to know.
    Well, based on the weather forecast, this may be the day I catch up on my own blogging. I'm planning a giveaway, and just need to take pictures, look at a calendar, and write a bit. Hope you have a wonderful day :)

  5. Hi Quinn,
    Thank you for the info. I've seen the same thing, and just yesterday from another blog showing up with multiple posts in a row. This if the first I've been online today. I was fiddling this blog's comment settings yesterday. That might have something to do with the glitch. When weirdness happens I think its a settings issue (and that's been true in some cases) or somebody is looking where they shouldn't be.
    Rainy day here, and cooler. The sun is trying to shine as I type.
    I look forward to your giveaway!
    A wonderful day to you!

  6. Hi Maywin....I understand about feeling like you can't paint, but I think it is like Debbie said-common to all artists. Just hard to live with!

    1. Hi Debra,
      I was just reading Four Corner Design's blog about collage when my brain blossomed!

      Sometimes creating something different can stop an artist's block. You have your beautiful sculpture creatures and crafts. I need to do more handwork creating for balance.


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